Privacy Policy


We pay great attention to your privacy and we remain committed to build strong and lasting relationships with you.

The protection of your personal data is of utmost significance for us.



Article 1 – General provisions


The website (hereafter « the Website », with the exception of any subdomains  unless otherwise specified, its content and its address are published and made available online by MOSAERT LABEL SRL, with registered office located 
avenue Louise 137 bte3 at 1050 Brussels, 
Belgium and registered under Belgian company number 0700.612.291 (hereafter « MOSAERT » or “we”).


The Website is hosted on Webedia S.A (Live & Show department – Rue Paul Vaillant Couturier, 2 – CS 60102 at 92532 Levallois Perret Cedex (France)) whose data center are located in France.



Article 2 – Respect for privacy


        a. Introduction


This Privacy policy (hereafter the “Privacy policy”) intends to give you complete and transparent information regarding our use of your personal data as a result of your use of the website

However, this Privacy policy does not apply to third-party websites and subdomains, in particular for the ticketing, unless otherwise specified, that are governed by the terms and conditions and the privacy policy of their respective managers (for more details, please see f.2 below).


        b. Applicable regulation


We do our utmost to operate according to the applicable regulation in this matter, including the European Union Regulation 2016/679 of April 27th 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data (“GDPR”), and to the Belgian law of 30 July 2018 concerning the protection of privacy with regard to the use of personal data of physical persons, as well as the European Parliament and Council’s Directive 2002/58/CE of 12 July 2002 concerning the use of personal data and the protection of privacy in the electronic communications sector.


        c. The data controller referred to in this Privacy policy


MOSAERT LABEL, with registered office located avenue Louise, 137 bte3 at 1050 Brussels (Belgium) and registered under Belgian company number 0700.612.291, is the data controller of the processing of personal data made in compliance with the guidelines and conditions laid down in this Privacy policy.

Any request related to the processing and storage of your personal data can be addressed to the following email address:


        d. Processing of personal data: which data are collected and processed, why and how long?


               d.1. STROMAE’s FanBase – Newsletter (via Active Trail)

If you wish to be informed of Stromae’s activities and receive our newsletter, it is very simple : subscribe to Stromae’s FanBase !


You may voluntarily subscribe by filling in the field provided on the Website.


We process your email and your browser language when you voluntarily subscribe to the newsletter; you will receive informations, in the language chosen for your browser, relating to Stromae’s activities, marketing communications, …. The following data may also be processed: your exploitation system, your browser ID and other informations about your system and your connexion, as well as your interactions with our emails (if you click on the email, when, where and how you click,…)


This processing is based on your consent as set forth in article 6.1.a) GDPR and your data are only processed within the framework of the management of the subscribers to Stromae’s newsletter, the sending of this newsletter in the language of your navigation on the Website and to improve this newsletter. You may withdraw your consent to this processing of your personal data at any time, however the withdrawal of your consent shall not affect the processing based on your consent before its withdrawal. The newsletter will include a link to unsubscribe.


These data are stored as long as we are sending newsletters and as long as you did not withdraw your consent to receive these newsletters.


               d.2. Stems to download via the Website

You may obtain extracts from some songs of the Multitude album by filling in the specific form on the Website and if you agree with the specific terms of use of those remixes.


We ask you in this specific form:

  • your first and last name,
  • your pseudonym,
  • your email,
  • and your date of birth.


Those data are saved and stocked under digital form. We will not transfer those data to third-parties (others than any potential sub-contractors) nor selling them.


The processing of those data is needed to execute the contract that we have concluded, as set forth in article 6.1.b) GDPR; we also want to ensure:

  • the management and the follow-up of an information request,
  • the potential contact-making;
  • the management of stems requests;
  • the issues management;
  • the management of a judicial proceeding.


We ask your date of birth to check your age. If you are a minor person, you warrant that you may legally be bound and are entitled to enter into an agreement under the laws of your country.


Those data will be stored until the expiration of the limitation period in contractual matters under the applicable legislation. We reserve the right to keep your data for a longer period if necessary, as set forth in article 17.3 GDPR.


               d.3. Miscellaneous

Without prejudice of the other provisions of this Privacy policy, none of your personal data collected will be communicated to third parties (other than our processors). We will not take any automated decision based on your personal data.


        e. Cookies: Access to Manage my choices


You are informed of our cookies policy through the information banner appearing on the Website when you are surfing on the latter.


We wish to provide a pleasant and easy navigation and use of the Website and we use cookies for this purpose in particular.


Cookies are small text files that are automatically saved by your browser on your computer or mobile device almost every time you visit a website and, where applicable, after obtaining your consent. They are stored locally on your device for variable period of time.



Which kind of cookies are used by MOSAERT ?

For more details about each cookies described below, click here : Manage my choices.  Translation in your language is available on request.



  • Cookies that are necessary to the navigation: the Website places cookies in order to ensure the security of the Website, to stock information such as your choice regarding the use (or not) of analytic cookies, ….


These cookies are necessary for the proper functioning of the Website and cannot be refused if you wish to visit the latter.


The cookies used have expiration dates already defined, which are variable depending on the cookies used.


The cookies are automatically disabled at their respective expiration date and the information contained therein are automatically deleted.



  • Cookies that are not necessary

Other cookies are used on the Website in particular for analysis and statistical purposes.


These cookies are only placed on your computer or mobile device if you accept them and only after having obtain your consent. The acceptance or refusal of these cookies will not change anything on your browsing experience: either you click on the box “Accept the cookies” or you click on the box “Refuse the cookies”. You can also click on “Manage my choices” to set up your choice regarding the cookies placed.


You may withdraw your consent regarding these cookies at any time by making the window containing your choice about the cookies reappear. You just have to click on the cookies policy, which will stay  permanently on the Website.


It is also possible to manage the cookies in the setup parameters of your web browser. Your browser can be adjusted to inform you as soon as it receives a new cookie ; you can also erase the cookies one by one or all together.


The cookies non-essential are:

  • The analytic cookies and the audience measurement cookies (via third-party cookies): other cookies are used for analysis and statistical purposes and to optimize the Website; We use in particular for this purpose Google Analytics.


By accepting the analytic cookies when the informative banner appear, you accept consequently their use.  In this case, the Website allows the collection of your data about your use of this website, in particular to evaluate the amount of visitors, to geolocate them to know where they are coming from (country and town) and to know about their browser (Chrome, Safari,…), their exploitation system, their service provider, their monitor resolution, the used language, the device used to access the website (smartphone, computer,…), the source of the visit (the website from which the web users are reaching the Website), the pages viewed, how they navigate through the Website, the date and hour of the visit, the most and less consulted pages,…


The cookies used allow to generate anonymous statistics visits of the Website. We use these cookies in particular to:

  • measure and ameliorate the website performance, its modus operandi, its content, its ergonomy, the Website navigation (e.g.: from traffic analysis), to measure and analyze the audience,
  • ensure the security of the Website, …


We have access to the statistics but cannot link them to any specific web user.


These cookies have defined expiration dates.


We can retain anonymous data to study them or to make statistics.


Google Analytics has also access to such data collected that may route through the United States, upon which you agree.


Regarding those questions, you can consult the terms of services and the privacy policy of Google Analytics here: Terms of services and Privacy policy. You are invited to check that these documents and links have not been changed. If need be, you are invited to search for the potential new links by yourself.


        f. Links mentioned on the Website. By clicking on them, you leave the  institutional website


1. The Website may contain links to a page, an account, … related to Stromae and created on social networks (hereafter the “Linked Websites”). They are made available for your convenience. These Linked Websites are not under MOSAERT’s control. You choose to access these Linked Websites under your own responsibility and without prior warning. You are invited to consult the terms of use, the cookies policy and the privacy policy of these Linked Websites. A pop-up should appear when accessing these Linked Websites without being connected to your account on these Linked Websites. We cannot control the foregoing and these information are purely indicative.


By clicking on the links, you leave the Website. We do not accept any responsibility in this regard.


We draw your attention on the importance of the configuration of an account created on the social networks regarding, inter alia, the confidentiality and the processing of personal data.


For your convenience, you will find the privacy policy and cookies policy of Facebook, Instagram and other social network mentioned on the Website by clicking on the following links :


You are invited to check that these documents or links have not been changed. If need be, you are invited to search for the potential new links by yourself.


2. Without prejudice of the foregoing, the Website may contain links to other websites (including subdomains of the Website, unless otherwise specified) or platforms belonging to or managed by third-parties (such as the ticketing system for the concerts,…) (“Third-party Websites”). These links to Third-party Websites are made available for your convenience but these Third-party Websites are not under our control.


By clicking on those links, you are leaving the Website. Consequently, we cannot be held accountable in particular for the content of those Third-party Websites, the information contained therein or of any potential contractual relationship that you may conclude with third-parties.


You choose to access these Third-party Websites under your own responsibility, without prior warning. You are invited to consult the terms and conditions, the cookies policy and the privacy policy of these Third-party Websites. In regard to what precedes, we would like to draw your attention on the fact that some of those Third-party Websites may belong to and be managed by companies established outside the European Union, possibly in the territory of the United States (in particular ticketing for the concerts in North-America); they might be governed by less protective legislation regarding the processing of your personal data than the relevant European legislation.


        g. Rights of the data subjects – users


The applicable regulation ensures you the exercise of rights regarding the use of your personal data.


What rights do you have?

At any time, you can have access to and/or (make) rectify (namely to modify or update the inaccurate or incomplete personal data) your personal data processed;


You can also ask a (temporary or permanent) restriction of the processing of your personal data, in whole or in part, under the conditions set forth in article 18 GDPR.


You have the right to receive copy of some of your personal data collected in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format (e.g. pdf document) or to ask that these data be transmitted to another controller, when technically possible (the right of data portability) within the limits set forth in article 20 of the GDPR.


At any time, you have the right to obtain the erasure of personal data from our files, under the conditions set forth in article 17 GDPR.


You have the right to object to the processing of your personal data, without prejudice of the data processing made prior to the objection, and under the conditions set forth in article 21 GDPR. The right to object can be limited to specified communication category. If you do not want to receive the newsletter, you can unsubscribe from the mailing list by clicking on the link provided in the email.


Any of your request can be sent to We may request that you provide official documents including your first and last name and necessary to confirm your identity.


        h. Subcontractors (processors)


We chose carefully our subcontractors (such as web hosting company, email campaign manager, financial partners, services and tools, ticketing operators, Website operators, etc.), and makes sure they respect the GDPR provisions.


Where we transfer your personal data to our processors, such transfer will be subject of a data processing agreement that limits the use of the personal data to the treatment that is necessary for the execution of the sub-contracting agreement. The processor shall always be required to comply with appropriate security measures. We are however not able to verify the actions and omissions of our sub-contractors and shall not be held liable in this respect.


        i. Transfers of personal data outside the European Union


Your personal data processed can be stored on servers that are located and/or can be transferred outside European Union, as set forth in articles 44 and seq. GDPR. These transfers of the personal data outside the European Union are based on the existence, in the country where the data are stored, of a legislation considered as in compliance with GDPR or of the existence of appropriate safeguards (as set forth under articles 46 and seq. GDPR), including the standard contractual clauses from European commission, binding corporate rules,…


        j. Security


We take all necessary measures in order to ensure the security of the personal data processed.


However you acknowledge and are aware of the fact that the Internet is not a completely secure means of obtaining information and that a guarantee of complete privacy cannot be granted. Therefore, our commitment regarding the security shall be interpreted as an obligation of means, and not a performance obligation.


We shall take technical and organisational measures necessary to ensure the protection of the personal data collected pursuant to the present Privacy Policy, including by limiting the access of these personal data to the persons who are required to have access to the extend necessary to realise their mission; We shall also make sure that those persons are informed of the applicable regulation regarding personal data processing and privacy protection.


The Website is secured by SSL encryption.


The personal data are stored in particular in our databases and we will do our utmost to take all proportionate and relevant technical measures for the security and the protection of the personal data against any malicious or unauthorised access. All personal data collected are also stored on a server rented to a hosting service provider that offers all required security and guaranties of reliability.


The security measures taken also include:

  • security of the networks and computers;
  • encryption of data;
  • data back-ups and archiving;
  • confidentiality commitment of our employees accessing the personal data.


        k. Violation


We can share any information regarding you (including your identity) to the public authorities if so required in case of complaint or investigation related to your use of the Website, that would not be compliant with the Privacy policy, the GTU or the applicable legislation.


For this purpose, we may retain all cover sheet, data or information that you would have communicated through the Website, this process being subject to the present Privacy Policy.


The foregoing also applies in the situation where we need to identify or to contact someone that has harmed the Website, our rights, the rights of any third party or of any others users of the Website, or to file a legal action against this person.


We reserve the right to reveal any information that would be deemed necessary in compliance with the applicable legislation, a Court decision or a public authority request.


If we have to file a legal action due to your violation of this Privacy policy, you will be required to reimburse all costs that it would have had to incur due to your behaviour, including legal fees, costs and expenses, in addition to the compensation due for the damage suffered.


        l. Miscellaneous


We can modify the present Privacy policy at any time. The updated version will be published on the Website. You will ensure having read the last version of the Privacy policy when surfing on the Website.


This Privacy policy only applies to the processes of personal data that we realise and under our exclusive control. You shall also read the privacy policy of our partners. However, we are not responsible of these privacy policies.


        m. Contacts and complaints


For any question related to the processing of your personal data, or in the case you feel your privacy is not respected, you can contact:


Registered office: Avenue Louise 137/bte 3, 1050 Brussels, Belgium

CBE: 0700.612.291

VAT: BE0700.612.291


Furthermore, you can also file a complaint at the Belgian Data Protection Authority:



Article 3 – Nullity of a provision


Should one or more of the provision(s) of this Privacy policy be considered null and void by a Court decision, the minimum only shall be considered as void and will be replaced by valid provision(s) complying with the aim of this Privacy policy.



Article 4 – Miscellaneous


The original version of this Privacy policy is written in French. Should there be a difference of interpretation or of meaning between the English version of the Privacy policy and the French version, the latter shall prevail.


A translation of this document in the Website’s other languages is available upon request.



Article 5 – Applicable law and election of jurisdiction


The Privacy policy is governed under Belgian law, as well as any other relationship between MOSAERT and you relating, in particular, to the processing of personal data carried out via the Website.


In the event of litigation concerning, in particular, the validity, the interpretation or the execution of this Privacy policy, only French-speaking courts and tribunals in the district of Brussels shall be competent, and shall use French language.


Version 1.4 – 01/08/2022